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Raintree County

Raintree County


Lisa Occhipinti


The edges between fact and fiction are blurred as an old book title is rendered anew through the lens of artist Lisa Occhipinti. Prose assembled from random text, accompanies 23 color photographs in this book that tells the story of a woman’s quest to match her inner landscape to an outer one in an effort to define home.


A maker of one-of-a-kind artist books, Lisa Occhipinti fashions new content from existing books, merging narrative and time. Raintree County is her first limited-edition artist book. Carefully cut and culled text is fashioned into a new narrative that hovers somewhere between missive and memoir. Every word is devoutly selected, like choosing steppingstones to cross a secluded stream. Designed to look like snapshots in an album, images are created from found photos, re-shot and edited into concise visuals that can stand on their own but are wed to the text so craftily that one does not know which came first: the writing or the art. Imaginative yet earthy, private yet expansive, it is a book intended to be collected and read over and over, where beginning, middle and end shift their order.


Edition of 100


5 x 7”

62 pages


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