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Bones Bared

Bones Bared


Lisa Occhipinti


The pages of Bones Bared tell a version of what it means to fully commit a life to art-making, despite a lack of encouragement and personal demons. From east coast to west, from child to adult, Lisa reflects upon herself, her art and the world around her. The reader is brought to an inner chamber that is recognizable and relatable where bits of learning, little facts, things read and private musings are all shared. It is not a personal chronology but an intimate interlocution on the private tenacity required to dedicate a life lived with meaning and intent. Punctuated with illustrations and photographs, and set within a context of female art history and 21st century ethos, nothing about this book is sentimental but rather insightful and humanistic.





5.83 x 8.27”

130 pages

17 color illustrations


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