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An Annotated Awakening

An Annotated Awakening


Lisa Occhipinti

Kate Chopin


This book contains a novel, Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, now in the public domain, visited by Lisa Occhipinti’s hand and retitled An Annotated Awakening to denote the interference. It is a verbatim rendition, akin to a cellist playing a suite composed by, say, Bach. Reviled for being “too modern” when it was published in 1899, its depiction of a woman’s interiority and infidelity was considered vulgar. In fact, the tale is a timeless one and part of what drew Lisa to it. The other part is Chopin’s language: fertile yet succinct. Each of the thirty-nine chapters includes a seamless and symbiotic pairing of an underlined passage wed to a collage from a long-forgotten stash of Lisa’s. Handwritten definitions for obscure or antiquated terms round out the liaison. The result is a venture on how one woman’s work can move that of another, and over a century later.




5.5 x 8.5”

212 pages

39 color illustrations

ISBN 9788350700589



36. USD