A Book of Common Prayer

A Book of Common Prayer


Lisa Occhipinti


A one-of-a-kind, hand-bound artist book made during the early stages of the pandemic has become this elegantly published volume. Seamless cut-and-paste collages are partnered with free verse, secular devotions. Without preaching, these pairings are intended to give the reader an interval to connect to an inner world as it relates to the natural world. Just as stained glass images in churches and temples are meant to aid contemplation, so do these images function. Reverence for the environment is articulated through such passages as Patience, Piety, Stewardship, Silence. Read it cover to cover, open on a whim or select a reading from the table of contents. Wholly secular, it is a pastoral created for the exigencies of our time.





6 x 9”

54 pages

18 color illustrations